Ways In Which You Can Take Proper Care Of Your Hair?

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Your hair plays a big role in making you look good and your hair will get damaged soon. You should do your best to keep your hair healthy and shiny to increase your overall good looks. You lifestyle, the food you eat, the way you treat your hair and many more factors in life will affect the health and the good looks of your hair. You should not panic when you lose hair because it is normal to lose a number between 100 and 150 hair strands per day.

Take a proper meal

The food that you eat affects the looks of your hair. Consuming a healthy and a balanced diet has many benefit for your hair and your outlook. Take in a lot of food which are rich in iron like leafy vegetables, pumpkin seeds, beans etc. It is recommended by the experts that you should get a daily intake of 12mg of iron. Your hair is made up of a protein which is known as keratin. To produce keratin in your body, you should eat a lot of proteins. Proteins will help strengthen your hair strands. Food like yoghurt, cheese and fish are rich in proteins. If you think that your hair is growing at a slow rate, you can make your hair look longer, thicker and more beautiful by using best hair extensions in Sydney.

Take care of wet hair

When your hair is wet, it is much more prone to damage. You should make sure that you take proper care of your hair when it’s wet, don’t use any combs which will cause damages; a broad tooted comb is recommended when combing wet hair.

Things to know about dry hair

Dry hair are fragile. Make sure that you don’t apply any chemicals on your dry hair such as colorings because it will do nothing but damage your hair. You can reduce the dryness of your hair by using a shampoo designed for dry hair and a conditioner. If you think that you should use natural methods, applying things like treatment that will add your hair a gorgeous look.

Trim your hair

Trimming your hair will add a good look into your hair because it will remove all the damaged parts of the hair such as split ends. Make sure that you trim your hair every month. It is best to trim about quarter of an inch of your hair every month so that the split ends can’t make your hair look bad.