The Advantages Of Feathered Brows

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Have you ever heard of feathered brows? As the latest trend to hit off in the eyebrow department, you will find many celebrities are sporting the new look, and many salons are starting to offer the service. If you are wondering whether to go ahead and have your brows feathered, here are some of its advantages:

  • It is semi-permanent – the advantage of eyebrow feathering Double Bay being semi-permanent has two parts to it: it lasts for a long time, but it also does not last for too long. To put it in other words, the procedure is designed to last you anywhere from eight months to a full year in general. You will be expected to attend a few sessions in between to keep up the appearance, but the look is guaranteed to last you for the year. This makes it worthwhile for its price range, which is usually around the thousand-dollar mark. Furthermore, the fact that it is not permanent also means you do not have to worry over whether you will be into the look years from now on (or in case some new trend pops up eventually).
    • It is generally maintenance-free – drawing eyebrows on, visits to the salon for threading and tweezing, etc. can become annoying when you realize just how often you have to do them. When it comes to makeup, you have to make sure to take it off before bed for obvious reasons, and having to pencil in your eyebrows every morning can eventually become a chore. If you are the type of girl who does not like to be bothered to look flawless every day, this procedure might be something you would like. After the two initial sessions which give you the ‘feathered brow’ look, you will be expected to pop in every once in a while to touch up your brows (and you can maybe get a facial Potts Point whilst at it!) and you might have to tweeze the occasional stray hair, but beyond that, the look is completely hassle-free.
      • It has been tested as a safe process – if you search on the net, you might come across various horror stories involving procedures that have gone bad. Whether that is microblading or microfeathering, knowing that they employ the same procedure, you might naturally be worried over the safety of feathering your brows. Well, for starters, most of these ‘gone wrong’ stories tend to involve unqualified salons and individuals (who probably have no idea of what they are doing). The process has been tested, and pigments and other materials used in the process are safe for the human body. As long as you research the salon and find out whether they are truly qualified or not, you won’t run into any trouble.