Common Misconceptions About Laser Treatment That Need To Go Away

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Since laser resurfacing was introduced only recently, a lot of people still don’t have sufficient knowledge regarding its uses and benefits. This has actually caused some problems; certain people often repeat the same incorrect facts that they have heard or seen somewhere without actually checking whether these claims are true or not.

In fact, there are so many misconceptions regarding laser skin treatment that a list debunking the most common ones is given below for your reference. This is to help people embrace this new technique with open arms, seeing as it has provided several benefits over conventional skin treatment options.

Treatment Always Hurts

Laser resurfacing isn’t always painful. A lot of factors determine whether you will feel pain during the treatment process, such as the type of laser used, affected area of the face, the extent of the area undergoing treatment, your own tolerance to pain and the type of treatment you selected. Sometimes, you might not feel pain at all. In other instances, you might be required to get anaesthetics or sedatives. In any case, your doctor will tell you what to do in order to minimize the feeling of discomfort.

You Need to Undergo Treatment Constantly

This is yet another piece of false information that needs to be wiped off the minds of the general public. Some types of skin rejuvenation and treatment procedures may require several sessions in order to achieve desired results, but others may only require you to get treatment once. What matters, however, is the fact that the results from laser skin treatment are extremely long-lasting.

You Can Get Undergo Treatment throughout the Year

This fact isn’t incorrect (after all, you are free to book an appointment whenever you want to), but you have to keep in mind that skin which has undergone laser resurfacing is highly sensitive to excessive sunlight for a certain period of time (up to a year from the date of the treatment procedure). As such, obtaining laser treatment is not recommended during summer. You will want to schedule an appointment during the autumn and winter, when daylights hours are at a minimum and you won’t have to be constantly exposed to intense sunlight. Consult with your local skin clinic by SJM Skin Aesthetics for more information.

Laser Treatments Are Ineffective if You Have a Dark Complexion

This statement is actually half-true. People with dark skin may not be able to take advantage of certain laser treatment methods, but there are ones which will work without issues. In case you have very dark skin, it is suggested to take a look at other types of skin resurfacing, such as microneedling, so that you don’t run out of alternatives to get your perfect look.